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Industria is a DV full-length movie which features a look behind the scenes of Philippine showbusiness. The movie runs for around 72 minutes, and includes various clips of what's happening behind the scenes from the set, to the production office, to the studio offices and even the editing room.

It also includes interviews with make-up artists, production assistants, talent coordinators, directors, actors and actresses and studio executives.
The movie's main faces include:
Kaz Castillo : a former VJ of Stuido 23's MYX, the ABS-CBN equivalent of MTV. She lends her insights on what it's like to be behind the scenes of an MTV-like atmosphere from parties, post production and meeting big celebrities from the international music scene.
Ryan Eigenmann: a third generation actor, who talks about his life in acting, about the gossip he ahs to endure, about his parents and family in acting, about what it takes to be an actor in the realm of Philippine cinema.
Reena Cruz: once a former host of an entertainment news show called The Buzz, she is now with with the marketing team of GMA-7. She provides a lot of insight on what goes on in the world of entertainment news including which gossip sells, why it sells and what they have to do to get it. She also gives insight on her perspectives as a marketing exec and what she has to do in order to make sales for television.
Gatla Gunawin: An independent film-maker who makes use of digital technology to produce full-length features. He provides information on the world of the independent filmmakers, the misconceptions given to indie films and even his own experiences working in the offices of a Hollywood studio.
The movie is presented in a documentary format, although it is a bit dramatized to add an element of conflict and surprise. It also highlights a bit of footage from behind the scenes, including a near encounter with NPA rebels, a hotel function room of 80 naked women vying for a role in a Hollywood film, what editors have to say while they're editing, what make-up artists dislike about the talents they work with and a lot more.

Industria is produced by Waves Entertainment Team with the story and concept developed by Ryan Eigenmann and JJ Duque, who also direct the movie. It is the first movie directed by Ryan while it is JJ's second following Journey, which received special recognition from the Gawad CCP for its utilization of digital video technology in the production of a full-length movie.

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