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Sessions IV


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News From The Underground

Session 20.11

It's always good to be around nature... Just the other day, I found myself at the campsite of Mt. Maculot having a joint while I had my breath taken away by the lovely view of Taal Volcano and the entire Batangas valley and coastline.

But yet, the beauty doesn't last. On the trail, garbage is scattered with no one really caring about the destruction it will provide the environment. The mountain itself is getting overcrowded, and the presence of convenience stores at the peak takes away the thrill of the adventure and the peace...

Just when I thought a trip up the mountain would keep me isolated and in peace amidst nature, there is a store where spaghetti, instant pancit, softdrinks, beer, cigarettes, water, ice, candy, and halo-halo are among the supplies for sale. Pathetic really.

I don't know if I want to go back again. For sure, there are other places cleaner, more natural and a bit more remote, and a lot less accessible for anyone to build a store on the peak. Maybe it could even be near a plantation.

Session 20.42

Sad news.

I recently sat in a table with 2 members of our Philippine Congress to find out that they are soon going to pass a bill that will change the Dangerous Drugs Act. the penalties now will be stiffer, and now the possession of 50 grams of marijuana (the equivalent of 3 joints in terms of bud and about a good chunk in terms of hash) will be considered a non-bailable criminal offence. NO BAIL!!!

I questioned whether marijuana should be included as a dangerous drug because it's not even dangerous. But they say it's a gateway drug. It really isn't, but then according to our dear Congress rep, "Our society is different from the societies of other countries. Most marijuana smokers here take other drugs as well." I was even challenged by one member if I could be a credible resource person to speak on behalf of marijuana. Not really considering I'm not a harvester whose livelihood may depend on it, and I'm not a medical expert. I'm just a user and would really like to consider the right to use a natural God-given substance which I believe (like others in the world) that it is not detremental to my health.

To those friends in Congress, please check out Look at the myths and check it again with your reasons for considering marijuana a dangerous drug.

Also... consider that the legalization of marijuana could mean an alternative tourism ala Amsterdam, and the fact that it could also boost the economy by adding hemp as one of our agricultural assets. While so many forests are being devastated to pulp paper for our zillions of daily newspapers, flyers, magazines and toilet paper, there is the hemp fiber which we can get from my marijuana plants, which is not very difficult to grow.

It's a magic plant with a million and one uses. And believe me, a joint is one of its most magical moments. It heals. It relieves stress. It relaxes the body. It adds peace to mind.

If anyone ever took too much marijuana, the worst that could happen, is that they'd sleep a lot longer than normal. And no way would anyone die. Is that a dangerous drug?

"Don't disturb this groove." --- The System